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At VadeVino Editorial, we think that trying to maintain normality, insofar as it is possible, is the best way to recover our pace once this new crisis is over. It has fallen on us just as we were starting to come out of a previous, very long, crisis lasting more than ten years, during which time we completed business, paid taxes on time (which have been increasing: it seems that half of the more than 30,000 kilometres we do on the road each year are just for strolling around), and we have maintained normality as much as possible. This includes not taking the very liberal alternative of putting out our hand to ask for help, grants, reductions and such like from the Government, who give nothing and do not even include us among the media where they publish their adverts.

This is the path we have been treading since 2008: we are the same people, the publications have the same style, size and quality, we are paid duly and on time (except for some tight moments, when we have had to pay VAT that we have not yet collected ourselves) and we have not cut down (but neither have we been able to increase) fees to our collaborators. We have down away with certain luxuries, like having a headquarters, and changed to working online, with everyone in their own home.

Therefore, the compulsory isolation due to the coronavirus Covid 19 pandemia is the norm for our small team. And that is how we are going to carry on, external forces permitting. It is very likely that circumstances impose delays on the dates our publications appear, but this will be due to situations beyond our control.

We are going to maintain our writing, production and printing dates, not just with this edition (which we do not know when it will reach our readers), but also for the next editions and the other publications, such as, the case study on 100 Creators of Spanish wine, which should come out in June, and the Proensa Guide, as always in November.

We are grateful for the unparalleled contribution from all our team and suppliers, who are all essential to eventually recovering normality.